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I really can't believe how much I have changed since the end of the school year. I hated the person I had become, so, thus I have been compelled to change that. 

    I started by working out every other day. I never thought that it would help my self esteem but I can't tell you how good I feel about myself as a whole now that I have started.

       Two Words... Zone Diet...

    I probably sound really corny right now, but focusing on how I think about myself for once instead of what others think has really done a lot for me. Who woulda thought... lol. Now that I feel better about who I am inside, I am working on the outside as well, cause, lets admit it, I needed a little maintanance. I bought Proactiv with my new Visa Check Card, ( Yeah that's right, Visa... I feel so cool saying, "Do you take Visa here??" ..... I am such a dork... but thats okay... lol )  and the stuff really works, I dont have any blemishes for once in my life. I bought new clothes, which, I never hardly do. Who ever said that clothes don't do anything for a person on the inside was wrong because they really make me feel like a whole different person. Its a good feeling.

   The best part about this all is that I still am the same person really, I just omitted all the qualities that I hate. Thus, as a result I just feel a shit load better, even my photography is so much better... I can't wait until school starts. Everyone is going to crap themselves. I really can't wait to show everyone how much more genuine I am... :: Large Excited Spastic Hand Gestures ::

:: Corny Moment ::

For once in my life, I feel completely whole.

............................   ..... .......... Delight ........... ......

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