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3 month and a couple days

Once I get problem in my life resolved, Something else always seems to come along and fuck with the flow of events that I have set forth for myself. My car started steaming the other day, and it's gonna cost nine hundred fifty dollars to fix the manilla folder colored dyke mobile. Why the fuck do mechanics get paided so much fucking money. Its kinda redonkulous. Because of this whole car thing, all my deposits for MICA are going to have to be pushed back to a later date. I feel so overwhelmed, cause, the longer I wait to reserve my spot there, the less space there is. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get there.

School hasn't been going all that wonderful either. I have an E in Ms. Dean's AP Lit class and an E in Alg squared (Algebra 2) which happen to be the two classes I have to pass to graduate. Why did I ever sign up for AP lit? If I wanted to prove to myself that I could be challenge and purserver, then I picked the wrong class to do it in and the wrong year to try it. On top of this, my teacher hates me cause she said, "I try to hard." Alg 2 on the other hand, I am beginning to grasp finally and that is only because I have tutoring with my teacher after school on tuesdays and thrusdays.

I am so overwhelmed.

I miss having nothing to do.

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