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I am thankful that none of you are apart of my life.
Like a lightbulb, you turned me on to the undeniable fact that,
I don't truly know the people I love(d),
no one does.
You sure don't fucking know me anymore.

When push comes to shove, I never really knew you people.
All of you always withdrew, that was the (")proper(") thing to do.
Its okay, cause, (ha.) I have no desire to.
I'm through.

I shiver as a sip my Martinelli's
thinking about what (was) my life
with you people.
realizing I have so much to be thankful for
the walls, this floor.
There's no reason to keep score.
I have other's who truly adore me.

The fact that you are all my blood,
isn't my qualm.
it's that my life, is small
comparitively (to you)
and your morbidly large palm.

Today, I am glad.
I am envoking something within myself.
and putting you (all) back up on the shelf.
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